Summer Office Attire – Leave the Flip Flops at Home

The method of the summer season and summertime workplace clothing can make the most experienced HR individual tired. Nobody wishes to inform a staff member that her stomach button isn’t for public watching or to leave the flip flops in your home.

Like any habits you wish to create, it’s a lot easier to set clear expectations of what is and isn’t appropriate summertime workplace outfit prior to the season starts. So this spring, do some avoidance prior to you need to offer worker feedback for using something that fits much better at the beach than at work.


A lot of companies have actually a composed gown code. I advise making it visual. Like the image here, post photos of summertime workplace clothes do’s and don’ts in visual kind. An image makes an enduring impression staff members are most likely to bear in mind; bullet points are simple to forget. If staff members are using flip flops, tank tops, large blouses, spaghetti straps, old and wrinkly capris, and so on, merely publish images of those posts in the no classification. Do not make workers think if something is suitable, make it aesthetically clear.

I likewise advise hosting a style program. Order food, have workers model summer season workplace clothing do’s and don’ts. Make it enjoyable. Seeing your peers stroll ‘the runway’ in both proper and unsuitable summer season workplace clothes will make a much larger effect than any ‘memo’ will.

However, let’s state you currently have a summertime gown code violater and you understand you require to state something to the individual. Resolving unsuitable workplace outfit is similar to any other feedback discussion. Make it brief. Inform the individual why you’re speaking– since you appreciate him and wish to assist him to handle his credibility– and be direct.

Here are a couple of examples of how to inform somebody she is breaching the summer season gown code:

Preface each example listed below with something like, “I appreciate you and I appreciate your professionalism. I’ve got some input about your summer season workplace clothing. Please take my feedback in the spirit it’s meant, which is to be practical to you.”This language is proper for any kind of relationship– peer, supervisor, and direct reports.

  • Summertime casual gown code situation 1: “Those are very adorable shoes, however, they breach our business gown code of no open-toed shoes. Please do not use them once again at work.”
  • Summer casual gown code situation 2: “I can see your bra straps under that t-shirt. Please use an extra layer under the t-shirt, the next time you use it.”Females must have this discussion, males must not. If a male handles a woman who requires to modify her summertime outfit, ask another female she has an excellent relationship with to have that discussion for you.
  • Summer casual gown code situation 3: “These trousers are too tight for work. Please use looser fitting clothes. “

Effective feedback is brief and clear. You can do it. Unless you employ and handle lifeguards, merely inform individuals you deal with the fact about the impression their clothes make and why that’s crucial. However, it’s constantly much easier to set clear expectations prior to difficulties take place, so begin there.