How To Wear The High Waisted Pencil Skirt For Work

The styling literature talks plainly about what to use for work:

“If thou use a pencil skirt at work, thou-shall-not wear it in vibrant colors.”

That implies thou will use neutral colors. Tip: camel, pastels, black, blue, greys, browns. And generally, whatever that does not highlight your figure from the opposite of the street.

Here’s how to design yourself with cool AND expert pencil skirt clothing:

  • Pastels on pastels: like using a camel pencil skirt with a white or other pastel tucked-in cardigan, neutral pumps, and a pastel coat. You do not require to use the exact same color for leading and skirt, much better go with various tones of the exact same color, or random pastels, they all look great together. It’s the kind easily trendy design that lets you make a style declaration without appearing as a style addicted.
  • Color obstructs: If you like brilliant colors you can use them at work, simply find them in the ideal half of your body. The top is the piece that chooses the brightest color. A fine example is a neutral pencil skirt +pumps, neutral devices like bag and gems, and a brilliant, red, green or intense colored sweatshirt with a t-shirt. No brainer, completely put together.
  • Monochrome: using simply one color at work is so apparent and dull, consider that you just use dark fits and mixes. So, what about going monochrome using a lovely color that compliments your complexion? Royal blue, pastel pink, powder, dark green or burgundy are all fantastic options. Simply make certain you picked the ideal materials and the best fits to look well groomed.
  • Classic with a twist: what about a discreet print? It may be a black high waisted pencil skirt+a polka dots t-shirt, or a fragile herringbone material or print for the skirt with a neutral shirt.

Whichever design you picked to use at work, constantly attempt to keep your leading embedded, so you look more created.The only exception is if you select a preppy design, which likewise works properly considered that you remain well balanced with the devices!